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Retaining & Decorative Walls

Morales & Morales Stone Masons are custom stone and brick masonry artisans. Retaining Walls add value and functionality to your home. Sloping sites can benefit from the construction of retaining walls to provide more level areas for planting and other uses. In addition, terracing with retaining walls can be both an attractive and functional way to prevent erosion and drainage problems while providing structure to the landscape. Retaining walls also help to buffer traffic and noise. They are the most popular and useful addition to the landscape.

Retaining Walls protect your home and property from the damaging effects of water, and can be constructed of;

  • Stone
  • Allan Block
  • Concrete Block
  • Accent Walls
  • Flagstone
  • Stack Stone
  • Brick

Color, shape, and texture provide visual interest.

Blending walls into the surrounding landscape creates a natural environment and works well to create an informal effect.Symmetrical structures, geometric shapes, and straight walls combine to create the aesthetics of a formal, manicured landscape design. Tiered walls can be stacked to form a series of terraced steps and are especially common in large, sloped gardens. At Morales & Morales Stone Masons we specialize in design and construction of retaining walls, custom stone masonry .We build stone and brick patios, driveways, outdoor fireplaces, retaining walls, stone pathways and staircases, above are just a few examples. Contact us for any questions. Morales & Morales is your best choice for all of your custom stone and masonry needs for your home, farm or estate, with over 18 years of stone artistry!

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